I was definitely glad I did. Though I knew his video style was irreverent, wacky, and entertaining as hell it wasn’t until I was reading his book that I realized he wrote the same way. Now many of you might think I’m a bit dumb for not realizing that all the products of a mind as twisted and tweaked as his is would share certain uniform characteristics, but I was actually a little worried that the book would be as dry as his videos aren’t. Fortunately my worries were most definitely in vain. His unique sense of humor most assuredly shines through in his prose.

The information contained in the book, which primarily pertains to ways in which one can grow tropical plants outside of tropical regions (Hence the title) is top notch, very easy for even a complete noob of a gardener like myself to understand, and provides both practical advice as well the underlying theory on which his advice is based, without delving so far into the theory as to be academic gobbledegook to someone whose thumb is far more often black than green.”

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If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, you can do so here. It’s a gardening book unlike any other you’ll find. And the reviews on Amazon keep coming in.

I have enjoyed my new found hobby but also find myself missing some of my old tropical favorites. This book explains that you can actually grow some of my southern tropical favorites here even though they are indeed outside of my current zone. I am so excited to start experimenting more with some of these methods! I highly recommend this book. It is written with clever humor and David must know a thing or two if he realized bananas plants are not actually trees ;)